Reducing your Renewable Energy Target costs

Simple ideas. Intelligent Business.

Demand Management, Metering & Networks

A range of industries are enjoying the benefits.

Wholesale Trade Desk Facility

Why pay retail? We’re confident in delivering value.

AEMO Capacity Fees

You can’t reduce AEMO ‘Capacity Charges’? Think again!

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Invented here. By us.

Unlike the big electricity retail suppliers in Western Australia, our systems are invented here. By us. Are you ready to reboot the WEM? What is the WEM you say? Partner with Metro Power Company for your wholesale power services and you can say goodbye to overpriced electricity and its retail-contract hamster-wheel.

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Energy Management for Business

Our leading-edge Energy and Emission Management systems are continuously proving the benefits of comprehensive day-ahead strategies.


Heavy Industry & Mining

Grid-interruptions causing production head-aches? Implement our multi-award winning wholesale power services to hit your KPI targets.


Buildings & Institutions

Robots? IoT? Ground-breaking Asset management and optimisation, all rolled into a suite of enhanced value-adding power services


Removing the Risk

We’re confident we can deliver. Our intellectual property makes us fundamentally different from consulting engineers and equipment contractors. The former are typically paid for their advice, whe


Deep experience with Industrial & Commercial Energy Management

Metro Power is considered one of Australia’s leading electricity-aligned data-science providers. Here in Perth, we have built robots to check the data that streams in every minute from our the IoT d